That’s a wrap!


And just like that it’s December!

My last blog focused on appreciation and gratitude, feelings that can change our perspectives and, ultimately, our lives. I focused on my own gratitude for all that surrounds me.

Now that we are entering a time of celebration for many religions, beliefs and personal surroundings, if nothing else we should look at the holiday season as a time of appreciation. A time of reflection on the gifts we have been given this year – even the negative ones. It’s so easy to get caught up in decorating and gift buying and forget about what we have. Yes, I know that reflection is usually reserved for New Years but that’s more of a one night party. I think the month of December should be about reflecting on the past year with the final crescendo being New Year’s Eve. Take time the days before to realize all the amazing things that have taken place over the past 365 days and then party like it’s … well, you know the Prince song.

This month is going to be busy, as I’m sure it will be for all of you. This brings me to my next point. This will be the last blog of 2018 as I will be focusing on several very big initiatives for the new year. To make them happen I need to dedicate some crucial time to them. These blogs have been a fantastic journey for me and hopefully have been helpful and entertaining for you.

I urge you to reach out and let me know your thoughts on The Frankenstein Condition. As I mentioned in my last blog, things are changing here and 2019 will bring on some great changes and more things to read, view and listen to. Yes – I am working on each of those things as well as the new book! Very exciting and it would not be happening without you and all the other readers who continue to inspire me. This is the gratitude part!

So now I ask you to do something for me. Subscribe to The Frankenstein Condition. There is a link here and at the bottom of the current website. Although I am taking a short break from blogging, there is still content to share. Subscribers will receive exclusive new content, links to new items and announcements that I will not be making publically. You will be an insider. First access to everything and some free stuff to boot!

Now, if you have been paying attention to my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you will have already seen a glimpse of something new but were not aware of it. Go back and look. You will see some images with the new direction! It’s kinda like Where’s Waldo but in this case, it’s Find Frankenstein! Let me know if you find it but more importantly, sign up! Have you done it yet? Operators are standing by but there are no easy monthly payments because it’s completely FREE. My gift to you in this season of gratitude!

Much love to each and every one of you!

Happy Holidays,


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