Love and other four letter words


Let me be honest, I started off by writing a Valentine’s Day rant about commercialism, pushing product, the insincerity of it all… but I stopped. Because I don’t agree with that opinion? Quite to opposite, it was all written, pardon me, from my heart (feel free to roll your eyes at that). I stopped because there is way too much negativity in this world. Aside from the obvious trappings of February 14th, the point is love and love is a good thing. We need more of it, so instead of being all grumpy and preachy, I decided to approach it from another angle.

If Valentine's Day is about showing your love for someone, why not show your love for everyone? Now, I’m not suggesting that you run around, randomly telling people you love them. That can get you slapped. Or arrested. Usually both. What I am suggesting is to take that day to appreciate all of the people who make your life better. If you are in a committed relationship and you need a special day of the year to remind you to tell someone you love them, you’re an asshole. It can go without saying, but should be said anyways. What we really need is a reminder to love the people around us.

I was reminded about this a while ago while waiting to pay for my gas. A little girl in front of me was paying for her Slushie with what looked like her allowance (given the splash of coins that hit the counter). The Muslim woman behind the counter said, "That's ok sweetie, this one's on me," and pushed the pile of coins back. The little girl said thank you and skipped happily out the door. As I paid for my gas, the cashier noticed my confusion. "As staff," she explained, "we are allowed one free Slushie a day. It's Ramadan and I am fasting so I won't be having mine today. She might as well enjoy it." It's the small things. Even something as seemingly insignificant as a Slushie can make the world a beautiful place to be.

Let’s face it, there’s a day for everything but I couldn’t find a “Love thy neighbor day”. Now, should we need reminding of that? Yes, we do. Just look at the news. Local, national or international. We can all use that reminder. Even on a personal level, which brings me to my point. I would like YOU to be my Valentine. I’m serious! This past year has been incredible and life changing for me. I wrote a book to exorcise some personal monsters, and hoped that it would resonate with a few people. Print some books. Sell some books. Make my parents happy. The feedback, however, has been overwhelming. So much so that I am deep into my second book, an audio book as well as some ebooks. And, of course this blog. It’s because of you that I am writing this and not building bird houses or knitting tea cozies. I have been given the opportunity to further this journey because of you.

So, kind reader, will you be my Valentine? Will you allow me to express my appreciation to you on this Valentine’s day? I can’t promise flowers or chocolate, but I can give you a tip: chocolates are half price on the 15th!

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